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Office of Zoning

Zoning Regulations of 2016

DC Office of Zoning

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8:30 am to 5:00 pm

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Zoning Regulations Review (ZRR) Comment Module

Please use this module to comment on the proposed text by section. You do not need a user ID and password to use this system. If you would like to submit general comments about the proposed text or would like to upload a PDF version of your comments, please use the Interactive Zoning Information System (IZIS). For more information about the ZRR please go to the ZRR page.

Subtitle A - Authority and Applicability

Subtitle B - Definitions, Rules of Measurement, and Use Categories

Subtitle C - General Rules

Subtitle D - Residential House (R) Zones

Subtitle E - Residential Flat (RF) Zones

Subtitle F - Residential Apartment (RA) Zones

Subtitle G - Mixed-Use (MU) Zones

Subtitle H - Neighborhood Mixed-Use (NC) Zones

Subtitle I - Downtown (D) Zones

Subtitle J - Production, Distribution, and Repair (PDR) Zones

Subtitle K - Special Purpose Zones

Subtitle U - Use Permissions

Subtitle W - Specific Zone Boundaries

Subtitle X - General Procedures

Subtitle Y - Board of Zoning Adjustment Rules of Practice and Procedure

Subtitle Z - Zoning Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure

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