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Pending Text Amendments

Pending Text Amendment

Listed below are cases that are currently going through the Zoning Commission rulemaking process. Rulemaking cases include both text and map amendments. While this list includes a link to the Notice of Public Hearing where applicable, you will need to click on the link to the Interactive Zoning Information System (IZIS) to view the official record in the case.

If you have any questions regarding a case, please contact the Office of Zoning at 202-727-6311.

Case Number Applicant Description Notice of Public Hearing Date Filed Hearing Date Comment Period Start Date Comment Period End Date
16-19 ANC 6C Text Amendment to Subtitle H, Chapter 9 (H Street NE) - 9/6/16 - - -
17-03 Office of Planning Text Amendment to Subtitle A, Section 301.5(a), Clarification of Vesting Rule - 1/23/17 - - -
17-18 Office of Planning Text Amendment re: Definitions and Rules of Measurement Public Hearing Notice 10/06/17 1/18/18 - -
17-20 Office of Planning Text Amendment re: Child Development Centers; Subtitles B, D & U Public Hearing Notice 10/20/17 2/8/2018 - -
17-23 Office of Planning  Text Amendment re: Subtitle B, Definitions and Rules of Measurement and Other Changes and Correlating Rules in Subtitles D, E, and F. Public Hearing Notice 12/1/2017 04/19/2018    
18-02 MR 1700 columbia Retail, LLC Text Amendment to Allow Veterinary Hospitals and Veterinary Boarding Hospitals as Special Exceptions when Abutting an Exisitng Residential Use in a Mixed-Use Building and to Permit such Hospitals to Board Domesticated Dogs Public Hearing Notice 1/24/18 4/12/18 - -
18-05 WMATA Text Amendment to Subtitle I & Map Amendment @ Square 487 - 4/12/18 - - -
18-06 Office of Planning Text Amendment to Subtitle G to Create New MU-4A zone and to Rename MU-4 to the MU-4B zone Public Hearing Notice 4/24/18 7/23/2018 - -
04-33I Office of Planning Text Amendment to Subtitle C, Chapter 10, Inclusionary Zoning, and Corresponding Text Amendments to Subtitles D, E, F, G, H, and K Public Hearing Notice 11/3/17 9/20/18    
18-09 Office of Planning Text Amendment to Subtitle B § 307.6 [measuring height in non-residential zones for buildings 90’+] & Subtitle U § 502.1 [add art gallery & museum to matter-of-right Use Group A]) - 6/15/18 - - -
08-06P Office of Planning Text Amendment/Minor Modification to 08-06A to Clarify Language, Make Language Consistent Within Existing Text and Between Subtitles and Chapters, and Correct Typographical Erros and Number Citations   4/20/2018