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Filing a Modification of Significance

Interactive Zoning Information System

Modification of Significance

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Modification of SignificanceForm 152

Instructions for Form 152 - Application for a Modification of Significance

Any Application for a Modification of Significance as provided by the District of Columbia Zoning Regulations (11 DCMR) that is not completed in accordance with the following instructions shall not be accepted.

  1. All applications shall be made pursuant to this form. If additional space is necessary, use separate sheets of 8½" x 11" paper to complete the form (drawings and plans may be no larger than 11" x 17").
  2. Form 152 – Application for a Modification of Significance must be filed electronically using the Interactive Zoning Information System (IZIS).
  3. At the time of filing this application, the Applicant shall complete and submit a Form 126 - Board of Zoning Adjustment Fee Calculator - and subsequently pay a filing fee in accordance with the BZA Schedule of Fees – Subtitle Y, Chapter 16 upon acceptance of the application. (Check or money order is payable to the “DC Treasurer” or credit/debit card payments are acceptable.)
  4. Below is a list of all the documents that must be submitted in PDF format at the time you file your application. Please have these documents ready for uploading before you start your application.
    • The nature of, reason(s), and grounds for the modification of significance
    • State each reason why the BZA should grant your Application for Modification;
    • Architectural plans and elevations in sufficient detail to clearly illustrate any proposed modification to the structure to be erected or altered, landscaping and screening, and building materials, and where applicable, parking and loading plans, if any;
    • Submit a copy of the original BZA final order;
    • A copy of the resume of any expert witness who will be testifying in the case;
    • A written summary of the testimony of all witnesses; and
    • The names and mailing addresses of the owners of all property within 200 feet, in all directions from all boundaries of the property involved in the application. (Note: This information is most readily available from the D.C. Department of Tax and Revenue, Tax Assessors by using the following link: . Select “View More Options” under the Real Property section, then “Request a Radius Map” under the Real Property Quick Links section).
  5. At the time of filing, the Applicant for a Modfication of Significance is required to serve all Parties, and the Office of Planning on the above-referenced BZA case and submit a Certificate of Service.

Note: All applications are referred for review and recommendation to the Office of Planning (OP) and the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) within which the affected property is located. Their reports are given “great weight” in the BZA decision-making process. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact these agencies to discuss the merits of their application. OP can be reached at (202) 442-7600. ANC information can be ascertained by contacting the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions at (202) 727-9945.

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