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ZC Racial Equity Analysis Tool

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Image with the text Zoning Commission Racial Equity Analysis Tool

The Zoning Commission has released its initial racial equity analysis tool. The recent updates to the Comprehensive Plan call for the Commission to evaluate all zoning actions through a racial equity lens. This tool is intended to be used by the Commission in analyzing zoning actions through a racial equity lens as a part of its overall Comprehensive Plan consistency analysis of zoning actions.

The racial equity analysis tool is split into two parts. Part One provides guidance regarding racial equity submissions to the zoning case record, while Part Two lists questions and themes that the Commission will use in its evaluation of zoning actions. The tool, which will be used in evaluating all Zoning Commission cases going forward where consistency with the Comprehensive Plan is required, is available to the general public on the OZ website. The Commission expects that its guidance regarding racial equity submissions will result in more thorough submissions that touch on the most relevant Comprehensive Plan equity policies related to the zoning action at issue. After the Commission has used the tool in its deliberations, it is anticipated that changes and refinements to the tool will occur. To that end, the Commission will hold a roundtable regarding the tool in September to receive community input and feedback on both the tool and the Commission’s use of the tool.