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Filing a Text Amendment

Interactive Zoning Information System

Text Amendment 

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Text Amendments

Instructions for Form 102 - Petition for a Text Amendment

Petition Requirements: 

Each petition for a Text Amendment must meet the below requirements before it will be accepted by the Office of Zoning for processing: 

  1. All petition shall be made pursuant to this form. If additional space is necessary, use separate sheets of 8½"x11" paper to complete the form (drawings and plans may be no larger than 11"x17".
  2. Form 102 must be filed electronically using the Interactive Zoning Information System (IZIS).
  3. At the time of filing this petition, the petitioner shall pay a filing fee in accordance with the Subtitle Z, Chapter 16. (Check or money order is payable to the “DC Treasurer” or credit/debit card payments are acceptable.)
  4. Below is a list of all the documents that must be submitted in PDF format at the time you file your petition. Please have these documents ready for uploading before you start your petition:
    • A statement of the purposes and objectives of this proposal and how it is consistent with the guidance and direction in the current Comprehensive Plan; and
    • Any other information needed to understand the implications of the proposed changes.

Please note that after you submit this electronic filing, you will be required to submit two paper copies of the petition with supporting documents, unless you are including plans, in which case 10 copies of the plans are required. Also, at the time of filing, you will be required to serve a copy of your petition on the Office of Planning (OP) and the affected ANC(s), if applicable. 

The petition will not be accepted for processing unless accompanied by a certificate of service demonstrating that a copy of the petition and all accompanying documents have been served upon:

  1. The Office of Planning; and
  2. The affected ANC(s), if applicable.

Note: All petitions are referred for review and recommendation to the OP and the affected ANC(s), if applicable. Their reports are given “great weight” in the Zoning Commission decision-making process. Petitioners are strongly encouraged to contact these entities to discuss the merits of their petition. OP can be reached at (202) 442-7600. ANC information can be ascertained by contacting the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions at (202) 727-9945.

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